7 Ways to Start Sustainable Solutions in Honour of Earth Day

Earth Month is a wonderful time to reflect on our habits, think about the planet and all its inhabitants, and recognize our connection to everything around us.

What we do daily is what matters the most. One big burst of action doesn’t match small efforts made consistently.

Join the action by sharing what you are doing to make 2022 greener, more grounded, less polluted and more Earth-oriented.
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Here are 7 ideas to help you and your family start new Earth-friendly habits.

Challenge yourself to try these ideas and adapt according to your needs and lifestyle. Give yourself the flexibility to do what works for YOU!


Challenge: plant some herb seeds indoors next week for the garden, balcony, or window sill; get the children involved

What better way to get your garden off to the right start than by planting your own flower and vegetable seeds? With a sunny spot near a window, regular misting, and some patience, you can start your own plants indoors.

Make it an even more Earth-giving activity by reusing packaging such as vegetable trays or milk cartons as your growing containers. Get the children involved for a fun activity as well as an amazing learning opportunity.


Challenge: once a month

Get close to nature by feeling its power and life force. Stop and hug a tree whenever you have the chance.

You’ll be surprised by the calming and grounding effect, as well as by the sense of stillness you will be able to achieve.


Challenge: collect scraps every day; cook a broth from scraps once a week

Before you compost the core from your peppers, that wrinkly carrot, or the peels from your turnip, why not make a broth?

Keeping a container in the fridge or freezer of vegetable scraps and making a delicious broth once a week is a great way to get one more use out of food. Eat the best and freshest, make broths with cut-aways, and then compost what’s left.

Talk about effective!


Challenge: get the children involved; hold a competition with your partner

Whenever you can, turn off any lights that you aren’t using and make sure not to keep the water running when you brush your teeth or wash your hair.

Being mindful of consumption makes sense for everyone.


Challenge: cut out plastic waste from two of your most-used products

Plastic waste is a huge global problem, as is the amount of plastics now found in our drinking water, air, and food.

Next time you have to restock your daily home and body care products, buy from a brand that offers sustainable alternatives to conventional products with eco-friendly packaging.

Both you and the planet will breathe a sigh of relief!


Challenge: everyday

If you eat fruits and vegetables several times a day as part of your healthy diet, this challenge will save energy, money and a precious resource.

Wash your fruits and vegetables in a large pot instead of rinsing them with tap water.
 Save that water for watering plants.


Challenge: once a week

Although not an option for everyone, you can ask yourself if this is something you could do.

Taking a nice leisurely walk to the grocery store with a backpack, reusable bags, or a personal shopping cart is not only good for the planet but also for your physical and mental health.